I'm an award-winning author of fiction and non-fiction books for adults, young adults and children.

Although the subject matter of each of my books is very different, the theme running through most of them is the same:

Daring to dream of something better - whether that be in life or love or both.

Here are a selection of my books with a dare to dream theme - you can find out more about them and read free samples over on my Amazon page, right here.


Do the phrases 'size zero', 'plastic surgery', 'celebrity culture' and 'WAG' make you cringe?

Have you had enough of being told how to look and behave?

Would you love the freedom and courage to reveal your true self to the world?

Are you ready to forget the fake and keep it real?

Don't show me your tweet-face
Or ur txt spk
Show me your true face
And let your heart speak

"It's time to unmask the real you. From body image, bullying and social media, to love, sex and more. Siobhan Curham helps young women forget the fake and keep it real in this inspirational and empowering book."

Being published by Faber & Faber, April 2015

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"If you could recreate any movie scene and cast yourself in the lead role which would you choose?" 

This chance remark made late one night over the counter of a North London video store brings together four very different characters with hilarious and dramatic consequences.

'Like spending a cosy night in with your best friend.' Cosmopolitan

“A sheer delight!” OK MAGAZINE.

“What does it mean to be in love? How do we move on? These and so many more questions are explored in this novel, which makes it perfect for adults and young adults alike. Siobhan’s writing fast becomes addictive. I never wanted to stop reading and I lost myself in Caitlin’s world. This book is one of my favourites and always will be.” 

“It’s back to the eighties with this hilarious and poignant take of the path we choose to walk and what could have been, had we taken another route in our teens.”

“I have read this book over ten times . . . I always fall in love with the characters, laugh out loud and end up in tears towards the end. Hands down the best book I have ever read.”

“I don’t know of any other writer who mixes comedy and tragedy so effortlessly. I was laughing on one page and crying a few pages later. Far deeper than ‘chick lit’.”

“I smiled, laughed and cried . . . You should read this if you’re having an identity crisis because it will make you remember who you truly are.”

“This book starts as it means to go on, so make sure you have plenty of time because when you begin to read it, you cannot put it down.”

“My teenage years came flooding back. I am buying this book for my best friend of over thirty years as the eighties were our stomping ground too.”

“Nice twist at the end. I did not see that coming!”

'This is First Wives territory, no frivolous bit of amusement but a tale with learning, coping, changing and making a stand very much at its centre. It’s good. Curham’s novel is hilarious in parts, but thought-provoking and emotional in others.'
'Curham’s uproarious tale of a group of women who refuse to come second place to the beautiful game is a sassy, modern tale of revenge.'
‘This amusing tale of four women being driven mad by their partners’ obsession with football and taking their revenge in a variety of ways is irresistible.'
'Girlie fun guaranteed to see off any World Cup fatigue'
'Siobhan Curham tells the tale in a funny, often moving and sharply accurate style, weaving together our prejudices (both male and female) into an entertaining read.'
'A great story of four very different women who challenge their football obsessed partners. It doesn’t need World Cup fever to make this story applicable. Totally hilarious and thoughtful too.'
'Perfect beach read for anyone who feels deprived of their favourite sitcom on holiday'


Finding Your Inner Cherokee is a FREE e-book for anyone who has been or is being bullied. Crammed full of case studies, interactive exercises, tips and advice, I was inspired to write it following the publication of my novel Finding Cherokee Brown (also about bullying). 

Receiving emails from readers telling me how the novel had helped them deal with bullying in their own lives, really inspired me to want to do more. 

It is available on Amazon and other e-book retailers and you can download it here for FREE.

'A very empowering and inspiring book, which is written from Siobhan's first hand experience. It arms you with knowledge, skills and strategies to confront and prevent the insidious problem of bullying. Most importantly, it helps you to develop vital self knowledge, and inner strength, which will serve you well over a life time.' Claude Knights, CEO Kidscape 

'An amazing guide that stands out from the market entirely. The exercises really do improve your confidence. Curham's writing is so direct and reassuring. I can't recommend this book enough.' Books and Writers JNR

'It feels like a trusted friend is talking you through ways to cope with the struggles you're facing. People of all ages and in all situations would benefit from the advice in this book.' Hannah's Haven 

'Finding Your Inner Cherokee is not 'just another of those beat-bullying guides', instead it's a breath of fresh air. From the author of Dear Dylan and Finding Cherokee Brown, this book is filled with interactive exercises in which you help yourself, showing how versatile a writer Curham is. Read this book, because not only will you know yourself better than you did before, but you will put it down with a new sense of confidence and self-assurance. This book will make a difference.' A Day-Dreamer's World

'Through various exercises, case studies and little power tweets, this e-book is obviously going to help many young people in the future. I wish I'd had it when I was being bullied. It is extremely good and I'd recommend it to anyone who is going through bullying.' To Another World Reviews

'What a lovely, hopeful and inspiring book Finding Your Inner Cherokee is!' Fluttering Butterflies 

'Finding Your Inner Cherokee is completely empowering . . . the concept is pure gold.' Daisy Chain Book Reviews 


‘Siobhan Curham has written a great book that deals with bullying, identity and being brave enough to be yourself. . . This is a lovely story that had me rooting for Cherokee all the way . . . and her journey of self-discovery is delightfully written.’ The Bookseller

'Finding Cherokee Brown is young adult writing at its best. Dealing with difficult themes and real teenage problems, it offers an inspirational and hopeful message. A must read.' We Love This Book

'This is a brilliant novel with characters that feel very real . . . inspiring, moving and un-putdownable.' Bookbabblers

'A touching and moving novel - highly recommended.' Chicklish

'Siobhan Curham's writing is so full of warmth and humour that you cannot help but to fall in love with her characters and stories.' Nomad Books

'Heart-warming and empowering . . . tackling tough issues with heart and sensitivity.' So Many Books, So Little Time

'Not all authors can successfully pull off a witty, fast-talking stream of teenage girl monologue, but Siobhan Curham manages to do so in style. . . The vividness of Cherokee's voice brought to mind that of Lennie from The Sky is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson.’ The Book Bag

‘A tightly woven, entertaining and moving story . . . Cherokee Brown is an ‘inspirational, interesting heroine’, a victim of bullying, ‘determined to fight back in her own original way…’ A pleasure to read.’ The Nocturnal Reader

'Anybody being bullied or bullying others should read this book because it features a truly inspirational heroine and has a powerful message to convey about the power of both the written and spoken word.  It is also moving, poignant and funny and is another great title from a fantastic author.’ A Dream of Books

'Anyone who is being bullied, has been bullied in the past, or is bullying someone, should read this book. Cherokee is a very inspirational character and the book itself carries a powerful message. Overall, I loved this book! It is funny, poignant and really makes you think. 5/5!' The Mile Long Bookshelf


‘A delightful, touching tale of families, first romance and unexpected friendships.’ We Love This Book

'A wonderful read full of laughs, tears and heart.' Carrie's YA Bookshelf

'A story to lighten the soul. I laughed and cried and wanted more.' Tales of a Ravenous Reader

'Fabulous...poignant...honest.' The Sweet Bonjour

'Touching and emotional...really special.' So Many Books, So Little Time

'Strong and realistic characters that people of all ages will relate to.' A Life Bound by Books

'Keeps the reader captivated from start to finish...I loved it.' I Was a Teenage Book Geek

'A very beautiful story. You're going to love it.' Darlyn and Books

'I really couldn't put it down.' Sarah's Book Reviews

'Tender, quirky and cool. Siobhan Curham is a name to watch.' Cathy Cassidy

'A tender-hearted and funny novel . . . with a wonderfully likeable and effervescent heroine.' Booktrust

'An amazing and poignant novel, that really touched my heart.' A Dream of Books

'Brilliant characterisation and a really interesting setting.' The Bookbag

'One of my favourite books ever. I loved it.' Booksword

'Siobhan Curham's writing remains brilliant...I have to know how this ends.' Luna's Little Library

'I can't wait for the next in the series.' Just This Teenager

'Siobhan really has a gift for making characters multi-dimensional, relatable and sympathetic.' So Many Books, So Little Time 

'A fab read and something really different and unexpected from an author I thought I knew.' The Overflowing Library '

From a gripping plot to laugh out loud moments and a heart-thumping romance, this is definitely a saga I will continue to read.' A Day Dreamer's World

'Curham rolls humour suspense and ethical issues all into one ... I am genuinely looking forward to devouring the sequel.' Guardian Books Blog

'I enjoyed reading every single word. It is a true page turner ... Siobhan is a truly wonderful writer.' Emma is Reading

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